Chapter 1 Physics is beautiful
Chapter 2 The Origin of Physics
Chapter 3 Ancient Science of Mesopotamia, Egypt and China
Chapter 4 Physics of the Ancient Greek Era
Chapter 5  The Roots of the Scientific Revolution
Chapter 6  Mechanics, Planetary Motion and the Modern Science Revolution
Chapter 7  Poetry Influenced by the Scientific Revolution
Chapter 8 The Concept of the Atom, the Atomic Structure of Matter and the Origin of Chemistry
Chapter 9 The Concept of Energy
Chapter 10 Thermodynamics and the Atomic and Molecular Structure of Matter
Chapter 11 Electricity and Magnetism
Chapter 12 Electromagnetic Radiation and Wave Behaviour
Chapter 13 Prelude to Relativity
Chapter 14 The Special Theory of Relativity
Chapter 15 The General Theory of Relativity
Chapter 16 Kuhn’s Structure of Scientific Revolutions and the Impact of the Theory of Relativity
Chapter 17 The Structure of the Atom
Chapter 18 The Quantization of Energy
Chapter 19 Bohr’s Atom
Chapter 20 Wave Mechanics
Chapter 21 Philosophical Implications of Quantum Mechanics
Chapter 22 Quantum Electrodynamics
Chapter 23 The Nucleus and the Strong Interaction
Chapter 24  Elementary Particles, Quarks and Quantum Chromodynamics
Chapter 25 Cosmology and the Universe: The Big Bang,  Dark Matter and Dark Energy
Chapter 26  Clusters, Galaxies, Black Holes and Stars 
Chapter 27  The Solar System and the Planet Earth
Chapter 28   Non-Linear Systems, Chaos, Complexity  and Emergence
Chapter 29  Classroom Discussions, Activities and Assignments
Chapter 30 Nanotechnology, Renewable energy

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